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Ray Manzarek died a year ago today, but before the famed Doors keyboardist left us, he worked on one more project with his old band mates Robby Krieger and John Densmore.  All three founding Doors members are featured on poet Michael C Ford‘s latest album, Look Each Other in the Ears, which will be released on June 10.

The album features 11 recordings highlighted by Ford’s thought-provoking spoken-word musings set to funky, jazzy, bluesy and atmospheric music played by Manzarek, Krieger and Densmore.  Geggy Tah‘s Tommy Jordan and Fishbone‘s Angelo Moore also contributed their vocal talents to the project.

Ford is a longtime associate of The Doors, who attended film school with Manzarek and Jim Morrison, and was in the running to play bass with the band before the group’s members decided they didn’t need a bassist.  Ford, who went on to receive nominations for a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy, dedicates the album to Manzarek, and points out in the liner notes that both Ray and Jim helped inspire his artistic pursuits as a writer.

Densmore, meanwhile, who met Ford even before Tom crossed paths with Manzarek and Morrison, has penned his own note about Ford that appears on the record’s back cover.  “I defy anyone to name a cooler cat than MC Ford,” writes the drummer.  “His breadth of knowledge about ‘the scene’ is unmatched.  He knows more about jazz drummers than I do!…I hope you listeners will dig [this record,] cause I dug it, and will dig it for a long time…”

Here is the track listing for Look Each Other in the Ears:
“For Openers (Lost Jazz Bars in Four-Time)”
“A Simple Ode (To Frank O’Hara)”
“Waterfalls (Look Each Other in the Ears)”
“I Don’t Wanna Go (Said the Suicide)”
“Mars Is America (Anytime at All)”
“Sleeping Underwater”
“Making Out (with Westwood Village)”
“(Autobiography of) An American Bomb”
“Wartime Carol (Bringing the War Back Home)”
“Whatever Happened to the Orangegroves, Grandma”
“Float of Drive (Triple Bypass)”
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