kenneth_rexroth_signature_of_all_things_henhousestudiosKenneth Rexroth – The Signature of All Things (DVD/Download).  “Only the resurrection of Miles Davis could follow tonight” James Cushing Arguably one of the most talented and respected artists of his generation, Kenneth Rexroth was not only a venerated poet, but an essayist, literary critic, translator and painter. Perhaps most significantly, Rexroth was considered the instigator of The San Francisco Renaissance.

“The Signature of All Things” serves as a passionate ode to the artist, documenting a magical night of tribute to the genius of Kenneth Rexroth on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Held at Beyond Baroque, the notoriously avant-garde Literary Arts Center in Venice Beach, this standing-room-only celebration attracted an eclectic and eccentric roster of participants extolling Rexroth’s impact on an art form. By turns exuberant and bitter-sweet, this film memorializes Rexroth with wild recitations and wry reminiscences from the assorted friends, family members, former students, writers, music archivists, performers and poets who knew him best. This documentary expresses, in its unassuming artistry, a lasting impression of an American original.


Kenneth Rexroth – Signature of all Things (Trailer)

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