at Beyond Baroque Foundation
at Beyond Baroque Foundation


Feb 27 / 7:pm
W/Robby Krieger
Autistic Children Fundraiser
Mandeville Canyon
In Santa Monica, California

March 8 / 3:pm
W/Glenna Luschei, Kevin Patrick Sillivan, &c.
Celebration for SOLO publications
At Sylvia White Gallery / 1783 East Main
Ventura, California

March 18 / 7:pm
W/Laurel Ann Bogen
Poetry and Conversation
At UCLA / Rolfe Hall / 3rd Floor

April 20 / 7:pm
W/Dina Raab
Corners of the Mouth Series
At Cafe Linnea’s
San Luis Obispo, California

May 3 /12: Noon
W/Tumblewords Writers Project
Workshop Title: The Poem as a Snapshot
At Memorial Park Library
El Paso, Texas

May 14 / 7:pm
W/Margaret Randall
Poetry & Prose Recital
At The Range
Bernalillo, New Mexico

May 22 / 7:pm
W/Don McIver
Fixed & Free Series
At The Source
Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 7 / 4:pm-6
W/Jules Nyquist hosting
Writing Workshop: Word Movies (includes screening: 1950s crime drama) plus buffet supper / admission $25
AT Poetry Playhouse
1814 Old Town Road
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104

June 15 / 10:30am
W/members of the New Mexico Symphony Orch.
Chatter Sunday  / Fathers Day Recital
At  The Kosmos / 1715 Fifth Street
Albuquerque, New Mexico  

June 22 / 2:pm
W/John Macker & Lawrence Welsh
Outlaw Poetry Matinee
At Paseo Tiempo Art Gallery
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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