Stuttering in the Starlight (1970)

There’s a Beast in My Garden (1971)

The Mt. Alverno Review [editor: West Coast anthology in tribute to Kenneth Patchen] (1971)

Sheet Music [chapbook-length poem] (1972)

Lacerations in a Broom Closet [prose] (1973)

Lawn Swing Poems (1975)

Rounding Third (1976)

West Point [chapbook-length poem] (1977)

Sleepless Night in a Soundproof Motel (1978)

Prologue to an Interview with Leonard Cohen [replicated broadside] (1979)

Foreign Exchange [editor: National Anthology] (1979)

Two American Plays (1980)

Sloe Speed [chapbook-length poem] (1984)

Prior Convictions (1985)

Ladies Above Suspicion (1987)

Twice [a sheath of broadsides] (1989)

Tourguide Machinegun (1992)

Cottonwood Tract[chapbook-length poem] (1996)

Emergency Exits [ Selected Poems: 1970-1995] 1998 Pulitzer nomination – REVIEW – Michael C Ford immortalizes and, in many instances, resurrects not only past popular iconic figure, but those neglected regions and landmarks from the Pacific Northwest to the shores of Lake Michigan, marking passages of time in America. – Los Angeles Times

Nursery Rhyme Assassin (2000)



To Kiss the Blood off Our Hands (2007)





The Marilyn Monroe Concerto [3-movement pamphlet edition] (2007)


The Demented ChauffeurThe Demented Chauffeur (2009)

The Las Vegas Quartet [single poem pamphlet edition] (2011)


San Joaquin County Solutions [collaboration with North Central Valley photo-journalist Rose Albano Risso (2011)


Atonal Riffs to a Tone-Deaf Borderguard (2012)



Crosswalk Casserole

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