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January  14, 2014 / High Noon.

This is called “blogging” but it/s really all about LOGGING: that is logging in observations and remembrances and daydreaming. And, if it/s about WRITING, surely then it is, with every poke on typewriter buttons, asking the question of why the necessity to write all these lines of revelation. That question needs to be answered with another question: how can I know what I know until I see what I say?

Writing is like linear and non-linear smokesignals: messages to the rest of us, whether our words are filling a blank page or scripted  across a computer screen, we are basically allowing ourselves to offer information we think will inspire compatible thoughts in similar  image-minds out there in cyber land.

Relating this to what has been inspiring over the years in the evolving history of the art form of Poetry in Los Angeles, specifically and the rest of the world incidentally, allow me to remind you of a Beyond Baroque  eventthis Sunday afternoon, Wanda Coleman/s   poetry and prose contributions to American urban literature will be reviewed and revered in the Memorial her soul-mate Austin Straus has arranged to be presented at The Church In Ocean Park at 2:pm on this coming-up Sunday January 19.

Austin invited me to join my Los Angeles brother and sister writers to celebrate the language arts life of Wanda Coleman. And hoping that all of you reading this will be able to join us in the congregation. -MCF



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